With the Launch of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s Official Instagram, Launch Commemorative Live on Instagram to be Held!

Releasing 3 consecutive digital singles starting from June and showing a high level of activity, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST.
To commemorate the launch of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s Official Instagram account, members Hiro (vocal), Masa (bass) and Natsu (drums) will be going live on Instagram on September 22 (Tue, public holiday).
While the band has consecutively released digital singles and its members have been active individually on Instagram etc.,
This will be the first time this year that the members will be appearing together as NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST!
The program consists mainly of a talk session with the 3 members, but what will they be talking about?! Will they talk about the new guitarist?!
Expectations continue to rise! Please do check it out!
Currently, comments from Hiro (vocal), Masa (bass) and Natsu (drums) regarding their three latest digital singles have been posted on the Official Instagram. If you were to listen to the songs after reading their comments, you might be able to more deeply experience the world depicted.
You can’t take your eyes off the NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST who has finally become more active.
Official Instagram Launch Commemorative Live on Instagram
Official Instagram https://instagram.com/ncbl_official_jp/
【Schedule】 September 22 (Tue) 8:00pm~ (JST)
【Artist】 Hiro (vocal), Masa(bass), Natsu(drums)
#ノクブラ (#Nokubura)
■Digital Single “Reviver” Now On Sale! https://lnk.to/reviver 
■Digital Single “ONLY HUMAN” Now On Sale! https://lnk.to/only-human 
■Digital Single “Life is Once” Now On Sale! https://lnk.to/LifeisOnce
official website http://www.nocturnalbloodlust.com/
official twitter https://twitter.com/nokubura
official facebook https://www.facebook.com/pg/nocturnalbloodlust
Posted : 2020.09.11
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